Quick 5 Minute Enchiladas

By On December 3, 2014

The other night, my hubby and I worked together to make a delicious chili. He had a vegetarian version using Morning Star Crumbles and I made a simple ground beef chili. In… Read More

Cocktail Corner

Cocktail Corner: Candy Cane Cooler

By On December 3, 2014

Not only does this concoction look festive, but it decks the halls of your taste buds as well. Here’s how to make it: Ingredients: 1 tbs crushed soft peppermint candy 1½ fl… Read More

Food & Drink

Celebrity Chef Ted Reader Talks About Pork (and what to buy, cook, etc)

By On December 1, 2014

This article isn’t really vegetarian friendly and hey, we get it… my husband has been vegetarian for 13+ years… so I just thought I’d throw that little disclaimer out there. For us,… Read More

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Arts & Crafts

Home Decor Style: Bohemian

By On December 1, 2014

If you had to describe your style in one word, what would you say? For me, it’s easy. I’m definitely “bohemian” in my design taste. In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is… Read More


Capturing Memories from Bump to Baby Giveaway

By On December 1, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Similac® StrongMoms®. All opinions are 100% mine. We couldn’t wait another second to tell you about the sweepstakes that Similac® is… Read More


Chocolate Peppermint POPTRT (PopTart) Recipe

By On December 1, 2014

Inspired by the kid in all of us, the Chocolate Peppermint PopTRT plays off the popular holiday flavor of peppermint with a delicious chocolate peppermint liquor ganache filling wrapped by a flaky,… Read More


No Bake Chocolate Peanut-Butter Cookies

By On November 28, 2014

These are so good!!!!! I love them. Ingredients 2 cups sugar 4 tablespoons cocoa 1 stick butter 1/2 cup milk 1 cup peanut butter 1 tablespoon vanilla 3 cups oatmeal Waxed paper… Read More

Cheese, Potato, Smoked Sausage Casserole

Cheese, Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole

By On November 28, 2014

Ingredients 3 cups idaho potatoes, peeled, boiled and cut into cubes when cool, approx. 1 lb 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/2… Read More

Banana-Rama Coffee Milkshake

Coffee Milkshake

By On November 28, 2014

Eight O’Clock Coffee has come up with a simple recipe you can whip up in no time. Enjoy it in honor of this food holiday, or make it anytime to cool down… Read More


Giving During The Holidays

By On November 28, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One. All opinions are 100% mine. During the holidays, we’re often asked what we wish for ourselves. This holiday season,… Read More


Helpful Tips for Stress Free Holidays

By On November 28, 2014

The holiday season is soon upon us and it’s a well-known fact that this time of year can be a stressful time for everyone in the family. Aside from the usual holiday… Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving!

By On November 27, 2014

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and is enjoying their time with family and friends.… Read More

Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Tofu Tart

Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Tart

By On November 26, 2014

For the chocolate lovers around the table, whip up House Foods Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Tofu Tart. Simply mix House Foods Organic or Premium Tofu Soft with semi sweet chocolate chips and sugar.… Read More


Roasted Jalapeño White Bean Chili

By On November 25, 2014

I love the variety that cooking chili has to offer. There are many different options and you can usually cater your recipe to those who are going to eat it. For this… Read More