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Thanksgiving Pecan Cookies

Let the kids help make these Pecan Cookies. Combine House Foods Organic or Premium Tofu Soft with sugar, flour, baking powder and pecans to create a delicious batch of cookies. Next whip together powdered sugar, low-fat milk, and your favorite food coloring to make the frosting. Finally, have the kids decorate each cookie for a colorful finger licking treat for all to enjoy!


It’s a Messy World Out There

I can’t say that my favorite thing is cleaning up all the messes my kids leave in the house. It seems like not 10 minutes can go by before I am grabbing the paper towels again to clean off another mess. Not much could make cleaning up another glass of spilled milk, some baby drool, or my husband spilled coffee grounds more enjoyable. I guess until I picked up some of the Sparkle® Spirited Prints.


Kitchen Memories

Fall has begun and with that comes my favorite holiday. People that know me well, know that my favorite holiday is thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time where our family gets together and we get to catch up and spend a day in joining a feast.


Circle Edge Punch

The Circle Edge Punch was part of this month’s Martha Stewart Craft. I had a lot of fun with it, and aside from using it as a decorative tool, I really had the chance to play with it and create some fabulous doilies using some fun scrapbook papers and the punch itself.

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Breastfed or Formula Fed, They’re Still Loved.

Can I just rant for a second? Am I allowed? It wasn’t until I had my second child 4 months ago that I realized just how hard it is when your baby has issues/refuses to breastfeed. With my first child, I breastfed her for quite a while with no issues however, this baby… it’s been a constant struggle and the colic didn’t help it. She’s now exclusively formula-fed after many trials and failures (yes, I tried everything and I’m now not able to…) and now, being on the other end of the feeding spectrum, I realize all the judgment and guilt out there. When I see people posting ‪#‎breastisbest‬ and whatever else they post… I can’t help but feel a little urked and annoyed by it.. as silly as it sounds and it’s only because, I wish that I could still breastfeed. It wasn’t until I couldn’t breastfeed that I realized how hard others have it when they can’t as well. I never really thought about it because it wasn’t ever something I had an issue with. I guess the point is… I’m sorry if I ever judged anyone for not breastfeeding, because I too, at one point would be THAT mom… who would try to convince you that you should try harder when you said you couldn’t.. and for that, I apologize.