These little mini donuts are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!! Beyond tempting and scrumptious, you’ll forget there BAKED! Light and fluffy vanilla donuts dipped in chocolate ganache glaze topped with sprinkles, toasted coconut or whatever your heart desires. Fun and easy to make. Great alternative

We typically buy large center cut pork loins when they are on sale. This saves us a lot of money and produces a lot of pulled pork for us to use. Sometimes we cook the pork and use it all up, or

When my daughter comes home from school the first thing she does is drop her backpack on the floor and head straight to the refrigerator. It’s almost as if she had not eaten in weeks the way she opens the refrigerator door

New twist on an appetizer favorite!! If you love jalapeño poppers and grilled cheese, you will definitely love this sandwich. The crispy panko, roasted jalapeño’s  sharp cheddar cheese will leave the distinctive taste of jalapeño poppers with an extra grilled cheese bonus.