It usually takes about four hours to go visit my mother-in-law. That’s if we get up at the crack of dawn and make sure to be on the road by the time the sun kisses the interstate at rush-hour. My husband always likes being on the road first thing in the morning. It wasn’t until the last trip we took to visit his mother for Thanksgiving that I realized why.

My daughter is a crafty little thing. With that comes many crayons, colored pencils, markers, various glues, scissors, you name it. Before I decided to really tackle this project and organize it a little better, we were using those cloth bins and clear boxes to store everything in. The only problem with that was that it invited her to just throw everything in there since nothing really had a place.

Thanksgiving…. my favorite holiday!! I couldn’t be more excited! Who doesn’t love eating, drinking and watching football? Here is a Thanksgiving inspired centerpiece I made that helped me discover the wonderful world of paint pens. It’s seriously SO easy. My life {and my house} may never be the same. Paired with a quick trip to the dollar store, I crafted this little bit of goodness in no time.