It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is creeping up. I have never been a fan, but my son is just starting to understand a little about it and he’s obsessed with pumpkins so I thought it would be a good year to get my feet wet with some easy Halloween Décor. Baby steps. Maybe next year I’ll tackle something a little more complicated, but for now I start with easy peasy.

My life has been forever changed. I just discovered how to use the emoji keyboard on a mac. I am a total emoji over-user. I say what I want to say half the time by using little hearts, smiley faces or food emojis. Now, I can do it when I’m not mobile. 😀🙌🌺❤️

Now that I am a mother of two adorable little girls, I often think about the memories I have from my childhood. I had an older sister and grew up in sunny California. Life was good and I always try to remember the traditions and things that I was excited about as a child.

Everyone is talking about plant-based diets right now. It’s not secret that they are not just a healthy way to eat but they are also better for the planet and the recipes taste amazing too! We were asked to take the #MeatlessMondayNight challenge in hopes of sparking real change. Don’t be intimidated, adopting a more plant-based diet can start with making a change just one day a week – so why not start by sidelining meat during Monday Night Football games this season?