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The Newborn Schedule That Saved My Sanity (Read This If Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep Much At Night)

When your newborn comes into the world, the last thing you really want to think about is a schedule or routine. You really are just trying to survive at that point. For the first month, I just tried to sleep whenever I could and I just remember her wanting to eat ALL THE TIME. It was constant. Now, as she is older, she’s starting to know the difference between night and day so it was my job as a mom to help her adjust a little bit. I didn’t want to do anything drastic but I knew she was confused because she wanted to sleep all day and she was up all night. I didn’t want to deprive her of sleep or cause confusion so I went to our family pediatrician (who is amazing, by the way!) and he offered some simple advice. My daughter went from sleeping only a few hours at a time at night to sleeping 7 hours now. A few simple adjustments and we have been on a constant routine for the last week, it’s been great. Here is the advice I was given and what we do to achieve some rest at night:


Paper Plates aka Sanity Savers

I’ve mentioned this before, many times. We have been living off of paper plates these last few months after having a new baby. I’m sorry but both my husband and I barely have time to shower, I don’t know how some people do it! We did however attempt to do a grocery store run with the little one and we both survived!!! That was awesome.


Easily Manage Symptoms When A Cold or Flu Strikes

Many of us are looking forward to the cooler weather of fall. Fall festivals, family get-togethers, and the festivities of many upcoming holidays are all in the air. With all the wonderful things that fall brings, there is one thing that can creep around the corner. One thing is the dreaded cold and flu season.