Having a new baby is tough. As if actually having a baby and getting on a new schedule isn’t hard enough, having to entertain the wide array of the guests that want to visit the baby certainly is. Everyone wants to come see the new bundle of joy and that certainly is understandable. It becomes hard though when people travel from far away and even out-of-state while our newborn isn’t quite ready to venture out to a restaurant. Quite frankly, neither am I.

Beads don’t have to be scary but that’s not to say that I wasn’t (at one time) afraid of them. My daughter loves to play with beads. When my daughter was younger, she decided to get the bin of beads and of course, they spilled all over the floor. WHY WOULDN’T THEY? Tiny beads… everywhere. If you know anything about them, you’d know that even vacuums won’t pick up beads. They are like… “nope!”

Heading to college with Schick®! Send your kid to college with a care basket. You have no idea how much it will come in handy. Kids do not think of the essential everyday items until they don’t have them readily available. It’s our job to send them to college with items that will make their lives easier while away. What better way to wish them luck than by creating a care basket that they can turn to whenever they need something? Stop in to your local store (Meijer, Dollar General, Kroger, Rite Aid, Ahold) and pick up a few Schick® items! Dollar General made it easy for me to find what I need. I was able to check out their reasonable prices on the following items:

I have been a fan of LaCroix ever since my husband first introduced me to them. You see, in the past… I was a soda girl through and through. I frequently enjoyed sipping on soda and really thought nothing of it. To say I was oblivious to the effects that I had on me was an understatement.

When thinking about designing a nursery, some parents get lost in cute blankets and wall art. Over the next year, you will be spending more time in the nursery than possibly any other room in your house (ok, probably the laundry room!) You need to make the nursery as functional as it is adorable. Here are a few nursery design tips to separate your space into five purposeful zones: