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This week’s Wine Wednesday is all about Champagne! This recipe from Gourmande in the Kitchen is a good one and we thought we would highlight it here today. This is a dessert that doubles as a cocktail, with a hint of sweetness,

The Dimeback .75 oz CÎROC® Amaretto .75 oz CÎROC® Coconut 1 oz Simple Syrup .25 oz Lime Juice The Tailgate .75 oz CÎROC® Amaretto .75 oz CÎROC® Peach 1.5 oz Ginger Ale .75 oz Orange Juice The Double Header .75 oz CÎROC®

It usually takes about four hours to go visit my mother-in-law. That’s if we get up at the crack of dawn and make sure to be on the road by the time the sun kisses the interstate at rush-hour. My husband always

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Thanksgiving…. my favorite holiday!! I couldn’t be more excited! Who doesn’t love eating, drinking and watching football? Here is a Thanksgiving inspired centerpiece I made that helped me discover the wonderful world of paint pens. It’s seriously SO easy. My life {and

This year, I have done some research on toys I think will be popular for Christmas. I decided to look for toys that aren’t just video games and Barbie dolls. I wanted to find toys that might challenge our kids whether it

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BROOKSIDE Chocolate for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s been a long week. Our daughter started a new school, we are in the middle of remodeling our house, and our

Let the kids help make these Pecan Cookies. Combine House Foods Organic or Premium Tofu Soft with sugar, flour, baking powder and pecans to create a delicious batch of cookies. Next whip together powdered sugar, low-fat milk, and your favorite food coloring