Dreading Summer Heat? There is hope!

The summer heat is here and we are spending a lot of time looking for ways to beat it. There are a few things I enjoy more than being outside enjoying a nice sunny day, but doesn’t have to be this hot? This summer, we have our mind set on fun and not a lot of time to do it. After all, we want to make the last few weeks that my daughter is an only child some memorable ones. That’s right, you may not now that I am expecting a baby any day now and we are trying to get in those last few fun moments of summer.

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Honeycomb Cereal Crusted French Toast

What can I say, I am a fan of comfort foods. When it comes to breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I like to start it out right. French Toast has long been a favorite in our house. Dipped in egg and fried until golden brown, there are a few takes on the deliciousness of a perfectly cooked slice of French Toast.


Surviving The Summer Heat

“It sure was a hot day” I thought to myself. If this is what the weather is going to be like now, I can hardly imagine what the rest of the summer is going to be like. There is only so long that I can enjoy the hot weather, but it seems like children are are looking to have fun no matter what. To them it doesn’t matter if the sun is high in the sky, beaming down it’s sweltering rays, or if it’s hot enough to melt the make up off your face in five seconds flat. Summer is here and our kids are looking for fun and active ways to beat the heat. for us, this means we are spending a lot of time at the beach.

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Summer Break

First day of summer break and I wouldn’t have spent my morning any other way. Spent a little time in the ER recently just making sure little one stays put for the next few weeks (at least). She’s doing great, as sassy as ever and ready to have some fun out in this world. Big sis can’t wait. I’m 35 weeks! :)

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DIY Patriotic Wreath

Memorial Day is upon us, but the 4th of July is right around the corner. Make this patriotic wreath just in time to celebrate two significant holidays. This wreath has a red, white and blue theme with stars as accents to the burlap, denim and gingham fabrics. It’s easy to make, but slightly time consuming. The end results are worth it, though.

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DIY EAT Sign for Kitchen

I LOVE Cougar Town. Well, basically I love *almost* anything that any of the 6 former ‘Friends’ do… throw some Scrubs people into the mix and I’m in heaven. Cougar Town turned into an immediate fave of mine, I love the Cul-de-Sac Crew and especially the Big Carl (it’s my goal to get my own giant wine glass someday and name it Big Ron).