In the technological age, sometimes I think that if a kid doesn’t have an iPod attached to their head with the TV blaring ans the radio on they wont be entertained at all. I do remember a simpler time, where any activity had to do with sweating in the hot summer sun and getting dirty, scrapes, or both. Here are a few things that my daughter and I like to do that just help to make sure she feels special. They can’t last for as long or as little as you want, and they have provided us for hours of summer time fun.

With summer here, it means more time spent in the backyard and at the grill! While I love the classics, I am always trying to find new ideas to spice them up or add a twist. My husband and I love to go to Mexico and eat from the street vendors and this recipe is a nod to that love. Who doesn’t love fresh grilled corn on the cob, and a spicy rub to take it to another level.