Sun Bum Has My Vote

Sun Bum is the BEST sunscreen my family has tried. True story. We always get a little bit burnt no matter what sunscreen we use. However, we used this a few weeks ago and were outside ALL DAY in 90 degree humid weather and none of us suffered or got a burn.

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Mug Root Beer + Pregnancy

I’m not a big soda drinker, well, I should say I wasn’t a big soda drinker until I got pregnant. I wouldn’t say I drink them everyday but I don’t know of anything better than an ice cold Root Beer (caffeine free), except if maybe I added some vanilla ice cream to it.


Join us for the #InMomsShoes Twitter Party on May 1st at 10am EST!

This Mother’s Day, Rack Room Shoes is celebrating moms – and all of the valuable wisdom we’ve gained through the years – with free shoes and a discussion on just why mother knows best. Join @ModernDayMoms on twitter for the fun #InMomsShoes Twitter Party and share your most esteemed advice as we talk motherly mantras, fashion tips and your “real mom style.” Plus, co-host @SavvySassyMoms and guest @myrackroomshoes will be joining to discuss the latest trends and, of course, your favorite spring shoe styles – with giveaways of free shoes throughout the entire party!

Everyday Parenting

“Scary” Movies

“Hey Mom, let’s watch scary movies!” my daughter said… which basically translates to us yelling for her dad to get his butt in the room because we scared ourselves silly. These were goosebumps movies. Don’t hate. Some people just aren’t meant to watch anything other than rom-coms. :)


Easy (Kid-Friendly) Earth Day Planet Cookies

In school my son has been studying planets and with Earth Day just around the corner it seemed like a great idea to try and make Earth cookies. They are fun, easy and can be made from scratch or there are several ways to make the baking as easy as possible. A fun way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2015. We are going to be making other planet cookies and creating an edible solar system to share.