I know you are probably seeing lots of ideas floating around Facebook and Pinterest for Father’s Day. This one touched my heart and felt so personal to me and something that would stick around forever. I felt it would be a constant reminder of how important we are to our children and the impact that we have simply by being in their lives. Some do not have fathers in their lives – as Modern Day Dads would tell you – and he certainly has learned what kind of father NOT to be.

There is no question about it that technology is a huge part of our lives. Technology moves at such a fast pace it is almost irresponsible to not let your children dive right in and learn how to navigate through it themselves. Not only are electronics a great way to learn, entertain themselves, and stay current with technology, but many school classes have implemented touch-screens, tablets, and laptops as tools into their curriculum.

Father’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate a fantastic man in our child’s life. A day where we can celebrate a fine qualities that the father to my children have shared with my child.

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