My daughter’s favorite thing to do is to catch lizards outside. I like to stay safely indoors, away from that madness. She is invested in this hobby, very much so. She even bought a net at the dollar store and she uses it to whack them, although she says she’s just “catching them”, hahaha. I love it.

Baby glitter jelly sandals? Couldn’t say no if I tried. Ahh! So precious. Why is it that little kids have the CUTEST clothing options?

Join us May 7th, 2015 at 1 – 2 p.m. EST as we talk about grilling and outdoor parties! Need grilling tips and tricks to kick off the summer? Join in on the fun! We will have guests @Kingsford and @ChrisLillyBBQ as well as our co-host @ModernDayDads. We might even see an appearance by @HomeDepot!

One of the most important things in helping your child grow is including them in your daily activities. By doing this not only do they learn what in important part they play in your life, but they also learn skills that help them become more and more independent. I will ask my daughter from time to time if she would like to help make dinner. Usually she says no, that she would rather watch TV. After a little prodding however, she begrudgingly makes her way into the kitchen and begins to help with the tasks. After a little while she is having such a great time helping out, and being such a big part of the process. She loves getting out all the utensils and putting them around the table, setting our places. She enjoys mixing items together for the recipe and is just starting to learn how to measure out each ingredient. Though most of the cooking on the hot stove is reserved for mom and dad, we still huddle around the food as it’s being cooked and together we stir the dinner around the pot.

Sun Bum is the BEST sunscreen my family has tried. True story. We always get a little bit burnt no matter what sunscreen we use. However, we used this a few weeks ago and were outside ALL DAY in 90 degree humid weather and none of us suffered or got a burn.

I’m not a big soda drinker, well, I should say I wasn’t a big soda drinker until I got pregnant. I wouldn’t say I drink them everyday but I don’t know of anything better than an ice cold Root Beer (caffeine free), except if maybe I added some vanilla ice cream to it.