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Teaching Kids the Attitude of Gratitude

Raising grateful children is not as simple as having them memorize the alphabet. Sure, they can learn it by rote, but genuine appreciation is an ongoing process up until they reach adulthood. Toddlers are expected to be self-centered, but teaching them the value of appreciation at a very young age will keep them from becoming spoiled, entitled people somewhere down the line.


Look, It’s Pollening Outside! Allergy Relief???

My allergies are the worst, not gonna lie. The tree pollen is at an all-time high and I find myself carrying tissues around with me at all times. There isn’t much you can do when you are pregnant with allergies but you can offer up advice to others. Sometimes, allergies are just so bad that you need to do something to help ease the symptoms.

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Homemade Baby Food Made Easy

Making homemade baby food is something wonderful you can do for your kids. It allows you to know exactly what goes into every meal and more importantly, what doesn’t. Even if a jar says “preservative-free” or “all natural,” that still means the once healthy whole fruits and veggies have been super-heated and processed beyond recognition, removing tons of nutritional value and flavor. If it was simply a nutritional benefit to make baby food at home, that would be enough of a reason, but it is also a huge financial benefit! In the beginning, you may think a $1 jar of store baby food bananas is way cheaper than getting set up with steamers, blenders and a month supply of organic food, but that’s not the case. Places like Pish Posh Baby and others have all of the products you need to get set up at amazing prices. It’ll only take you a month or two to save the money you would have been spending on store bought foods, especially if you planned to buy organic baby food. Here are a few saving tips to turn you into a baby food pro. Soon your friends will want to know all of your secrets: