I ended up sleeping with the bump nest pregnancy pillow last night and I woke up without pains in my side. I HATE sleeping on my left side and my hip started hurting so this kinda takes all that away and props you up and supports you. To be honest, I bet it’s amazing when you’re not pregnant too. We have a queen size bed and you have to be tricky not to let the pillow take over but I figured out if you put the long part of the pillow on the outside away from your spouse, it’s not as annoying.

There are just times when you need something and you need it quick. Tonight was one of those times. My husband introduced me to this brand of frozen meals and I love them. Everything comes separate so you can cook it to your liking. (I hate the combined ones where the meat is all flimsy, bleh.) This one had me brown the pancetta, cook the linguini and then add the carbonara sauce and the peas in the end. It was sooooo good. Sure, I could have made this whole dish myself from scratch but did I want to? HECK NO. Was this just as good? Yep.