Arts & Crafts DIY

DIY Floor Pillow

 This DIY is another fairly simple one to make. These floor cushions are great for kiddos to use on movie night or when you are playing card games around the coffee table. They are nice for additional seating without breaking the bank.

Arts & Crafts DIY

DIY Framed Scrapbook Paper

This project was super simple and cost me a total of $0.00 because I had everything on hand. Chances are you probably do too! I am a fan of cute paper… I have a large collection of scrapbook paper just because I think it’s…. colorful and cute.

Dinner Food & Drink

Hamburger Mix That Saves You Time

Clearly, we need more hours in the day for the things we do. It seems though, as a parent, you have to put something on the back burner daily just to accomplish what needs to be done. Growing up, my parents never had a problem with putting a warm, delicious meal on the table for dinner every night. Now, my mom is here to share a secret with you all that will make cooking certain meals a whole lot easier.


A Gift Guide For Pampering a New Mother

Is there anything more beautiful than the arrival of a little baby? The ooh’s the ahh’s and the impossibly cute grunts and gurgles that come from them. But when it comes to buying for a new mother? We find ourselves stumped. Most new mothers will diligently buy every single item imaginable before the baby comes, which leaves few options for the well wishes. Fortunately, there are things our mummy either won’t think of, or won’t buy for herself.


A DIY Guide to Dealing With the Domestic Life

There is a whole that can go wrong around the average family home. It’s one of the downsides to having lots of stuff. Things can break, glitch, or simply go horribly awry. One solution to this is to simply stop having stuff. Sell it all; the bed, the table, pictures, collectibles, the works. You may then sit in your empty space, looking at your blank, chaos-free walls and breathe a sigh of relief aat all the stuff that isn’t breaking around you.


Keeping The House Clean When You Have Kids

Are you too tired to clean the carpet by yourself? How to maintain the hygiene of the house? Are you worried about your kid’s health? How to get rid of your pet’s hair stuck in the carpet? What are some of the efficient carpet cleaning tools?  Are they capable enough to bring the shine back?

Arts & Crafts DIY

DIY Glitter Bowl

Make your own cute and shimmery glitter bowl in just a few easy steps. These bowls are so fun, but I have to warn you, they are not very sturdy and aren’t meant to hold heavy items. I am making another one in gold, too.