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Tech Talk: 5 Best Free Christmas Apps

1. Hungry Santa

Fatten up Santa before Christmas. Tilt the device to move Santa’s mouth under falling treats, but watch out for the healthy broccoli. Santa gets fatter and fatter as he chomps on all the goodies. Give him some fatty bonuses by bouncing the treats off his belly before he eats them, or eating long strings of treats all in a row. Go for the elusive “Crazy Chomp” bonus. You can’t play this one without laughing out loud.


Classic Cheesy Tuna Melt

One thing I know for sure is that when I am stressed with a busy week there are two things I want from my dinner. Those two things are easy, and comfort food. At the end of the day I love to settle down around the table with some of our more fun and comforting family favorites.  I don’t want to spend an hour or more around the stove whipping together a lavish meal filled with expensive ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.  I’m talking about classic feel good and affordable fare for our whole family.

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Helpful Tips for Stress Free Holidays

The holiday season is soon upon us and it’s a well-known fact that this time of year can be a stressful time for everyone in the family. Aside from the usual holiday shopping and cooking, extra cleaning and the burden of entertaining, there’s also travel, staying with family or friends and taking scheduled kids out of their typical routines. It can all equate to a lot of stress for you and your kids.  Here are a few tips to help your family get through the holidays with a little less stress: