Potty Training, You Aren’t Alone

Let’s face it, potty training is no easy feat. As I recall, it was one of the hardest “milestones” we had to go through… because when you have a stubborn little child who refuses to go potty where they are supposed to go, you are bound to run into some issues.


Control Your Crock-Pot From Your SmartPhone Wherever You Are

I am super excited about this post today. Not only am I going to talk about the Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker that is WeMo Enabled, I am going to work with ModernDayDads to give one away. Have you ever been held up somewhere wishing you could just get home to finish your slow-cooked dinner? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control your Crock-Pot® from where ever you are? Now you can. The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker is WeMo® enabled and works with your smart device to let you conveniently adjust cook settings… from virtually any where. Go ahead… keep on shopping, working or playing for as long as you want! Dinner will be ready when ever you arrive home.


Love Grilled Cheese? Check out The Melt

It’s almost Fall. School is officially in session and the sun is setting earlier each night. For most of us moms, Fall means scrambling to make school night dinners a success with something quick, yummy, filling and comforting before homework time. What fits the bill in our house? Grilled cheese!

Everyday Seasonal Tips & Ideas

Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Fall is here and it’s truly a beautiful time of the year. If you live in an area where the air is turning cool and the leaves are crisp and changing colors, it’s even more amazing. Summer is now over, school is in full swing, football games are plentiful and kids are starting to anticipate Halloween. Fall offers a full range of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy—the options are really limitless. Here are 10 of our favorite ones to share with you. So this weekend, get your family outside to enjoy this special time!

Everyday Health Pregnancy Tips & Ideas

Easy Ways to Find Your Pregnancy Groove

Pregnancy is an epic time in a woman’s life—especially with a first pregnancy.  With all the advice and recommendations from well-meaning friends and family, remember this is your pregnancy and it will be unique to who you are. Don’t get caught up in comparing your experience to those of your friends.  Though pregnancy can be difficult at times and you may not always be feeling your best, find ways to enjoy this special time and prepare for your sweet baby. Here are a few tips to help you find your groove and enjoy your pregnancy: