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Kid-Friendly DIY Robot Craft

Inspired by the Ricky Ricotta series by Dav Pilkey & illustrated by Dan Santat, I created a fun and easy craft that my daughter loved taking part in.  My daughter has a wonderful imagination.  She could have as much fun with dolls as she does with sticks outside, pretending she is part of a magical land of castles, princes and princesses and dragons.  Though I am not the most crafty person on the planet, I racked my brain on how to tie in her love for imaginary play with these cute and fun books that she loved to read. Ricky Ricotta is a little mouse with BIG problems! Every day he is picked on by the neighborhood bullies. He lives in Squeakyville with his mother and father, and being an only mouse, he is often lonely. That is until SOMETHING BIG HAPPENS! A giant flying robot enters Ricky’s life and an unlikely friendship is born! Together, Ricky and his Robot must save the planet from a galaxy bursting with bad guys!

Arts & Crafts DIY Everyday

Make an Easy DIY Floor Pouf for $35 or less

Here is another easy DIY for those of you looking to spice up a certain space in your home. I’ve seen many poufs that I love, but some were so costly. My next pouf will be a gold one, but for now, I made one with an interesting geometric design. I chose a heavier fabric since this will be used in the floor and for sitting on or propping your feet on.  So, with that, I bought some heavy duty thread as well. The fabric and thread were purchased at Joann Fabrics. The fabric is a Nate Berkus design. I had no idea they were going to be carrying his stuff, but I am excited that they are! There are several other fabrics of his that I plan to purchase and use for the same reason. These poufs are going in my son’s room because they are a young and fun design. 

Everyday Tips & Ideas

6 Time & Space Saving Makeup Essentials

In a perfect world I’d have enough time to skillfully craft a gorgeous makeup look every day, complete with contouring, falsies and lip liner. Here in the real world, that is unfortunately rarely the case. I’m generally left throwing on makeup quickly and hoping for the best. As a makeup artist of 12+ years, I’ve gotten good at a routine that is about 5 minutes and makes sure I look polished, professional and presentable. Below are the products I reach for pretty consistently. Many serve double duty or act as space savers- great for a traveling or small makeup bag on the go.


Truvia: Sharing a Sweet Future

The Truvia business has launched an exciting and thoughtful program that I’d like to share with all of my cherished readers. “Sharing a sweet future” is the name of heir campaign and it launched on world food day in October of 2012. What the program does is help produce childhood hunger in Bolivia and make communities better through good nutrition, safety and educational programs.


Final Recap of Fiber Choice 30 Day Get Picky Challenge

I started the “Fiber Choice Get Picky Challenge” of using Fiber Choice Fruity Bites for 30 days and noting if I see a difference. Fiber can help lower cholesterol levels by keeping cholesterol in the digestive tract, increasing it’s elimination. Additionally it makes you feel better as it helps to promote a healthy digestive system over all and reduces negative stuff like constipation. My initial experience has been just fine with these gummies. I am more likely to take a good tasting vitamin than I am a chalky chewable, or hard to swallow pill. Don’t even mention gritty powders, it’s just not going to happen! Aside from a little getting used to, I definitely can tell it was working wonders in my body. I had to back off the full dose at first, as it made me a little bloated feeling, but once my body got used to them, they were perfectly fine and things were, for lack of a better phrase, “running smoothly”. Hey we have to get a little humor in there, after all, we are talking about our fiber intake. It’s easy to see how important fiber is to the inner workings of your body, and hard to believe so much power can be packed into such small gummies. Fiber choice truly is some awesome stuff! I am eager to continue using these fiber choice gummies and use them to keep me from straying on my new found path to fitness.