Everyday Reviews

Product Review: Mr. Coffee Coffee Station & More!

Getting out have bed has never been made easier once I started using my new coffee maker. Just knowing that my coffee was going to be waiting on me was a nice thought to wake up to. And with the hustle and bustle during the weekdays around here, mornings have been made a little easier with the Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable Coffeemaker and Hot-Shot Station. My son is a big fan of oatmeal for breakfast, so I can use the hot water station to whip up a bowl in no time!

Arts & Crafts DIY Everyday

DIY: Wood Grain Designed Doormat

I wanted a unique doormat to greet my visitors (and my family) whenever they stopped by. There are many cute doormats available in stores, but why not make something unique if you can? I considered doing words, but wanted something a little more interesting so I chose to create a wood grain design. It was easy!


Chicken, Black Bean and Barley Salad with Cumin Lime Dressing

I’m a college student, and when you’re studying in the library it gets really tempting to just go to Starbucks or buy something at a vending machine. But that gets expensive pretty fast, same for buying lunch at an office every day. To stop the urges, just plan your meals a little smarter. I pack my lunch everyday and it saves me money and time. If you’re planning lunches, go ahead and make a big portion so you can eat it throughout the week and pack meals that are filling, travel well, and taste good at room temperature (in case you don’t have access to a microwave).


Bedtime Reading Fun

Scholastic and EVEREADY® have teamed up to help us parents shine a little light on reading. With the school year back in full swing my daughter has been making friends left and right. She has asked if it’s okay to share her phone number with some of the kids in the class in hopes that they can get together outside of school. Of course that’s fine and we look forward to meeting the children that we hear about after school.