As parents we strive to bring up healthy, educated individuals who are endowed with all the necessary skills for living a successful and fulfilled life. We are responsible for our children’s wellbeing, and a lot of times a lot of our effort goes into making sure immediate, primary needs, are being taken care of. Chances are we are already well on our way to promoting healthy habits such as eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle, but there are other healthy habits that can stem from early childhood and for which we, as parents, are responsible. It is therefore advisable that we make it our best effort to instill those positive habits in our little ones.

Just by taking an informal survey out on the streets you would think that books have killed off the e-reader entirely. If you head out to the beach or on the train or elsewhere in public you will notice that more and more people are turning to books rather than those electronic companions. So what is actually happening?

You just gave birth! Whew. The excitement, turmoil, pain, sleeplessness, food cravings, and swollen feet are over, but you’ve got a whole new set of lovely challenges to face. You’re so in love with your little snuggle-box that you can hardly stand to be away from them, but you crave some time to get yourself back in order – how can a person be so emotionally torn? Is it possible that you need a Mommy Makeover?

This is a cool decorative piece if you have a bar area in your home…or maybe it would be a nice statement piece in your kitchen, besides, you could always make one with the word “Eat” or “Family” or anything you want. Perhaps your child’s name in their nursery? The possibilities are many!

I was trying to come up with a gift to give my husband. The very first thing that popped in my head was a painting!!!! This was a fabulous idea… there was only one issue. My child puts EVERYTHING in her mouth! I wasn’t about to let her paint with store bought paints. I remembered making pudding paint when I was little and how much fun it was, so I am going to share with you what we did.

When I set out to make my daughter’s baby food I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. She’s completely off purees now and I still miss it! I never built up a large stock of baby food in the freezer just so that I could spend that time in the kitchen peeling, baking, steaming, boiling, and blending. What can I say, I’m a tattooed, foul-mouthed domesticated housewife. And it’s awesome.

Conditions and Changes to the Body Adults May Develop or Experience

It’s a fact that as you grow older your body starts to break down from wear. There are obvious visible signs such as loss of hair color, wrinkles, and fat pockets. However, as these changes occur on the outside, many more are going on inside the body too. Some seniors may experience loss of memory or have trouble hearing, while others have limited mobility that makes performing once easy tasks, more difficult or weakened bones that can turn a minor fall into a painful fracture, or worse a broken bone. Listed below are some of the common ailments that affect a large population of aging adults.  

Do you remember the countdown to summer break? How amazing was it to spend nearly three whole months either sleeping in, going to your favorite camp, or hanging out with friends with no school bells in sight? Simply having a summer break is one of the greatest parts of being a kid, but as a parent, you want toreally make those weeks count. After all, you only have a few summers when the kids are at the perfect age to really make the most of it. If your child enjoyed a productive school year, summer is the ideal time for a little reward. A vacation with the whole family isn’t just a guaranteed blast for your child, but a fantastic way for your family to bond.