Nothing reinforces your child’s confidence and creativity like helping cook in the kitchen. When cooking meals it is always a lot of fun to include my daughter in the process. Sometimes she is only involved in the preparation, like getting together ingredients, measuring, or mixing, while other times she is manning the stove (with a watchful eye close by) and keeping track of the time so we know when to check the oven. Time and time again my daughter surprises me with the level of skill she has if only I just let her “do it herself.” I always find myself biting my tongue when I am about to say “do you need help with that?” As she flies through the task at hand with determination, passion and grace.

We recently remodeled our pantry and decided to make it a little more family friendly. You should have seen the before photo. Whoa. It was messy.
Here is an “in progress” photo:

I had one of those moments where I saw something and thought “wow, yeah… that’s totally my child!” and I knew immediately that she was going to buy that something. If I had to describe my daughter’s style in one word, it would be ECLECTIC. She doesn’t have one specific style but what she does have is a creative mind. I love her for that.

My daughter just started swimming lessons this summer. It certainly was about time, considering we live so close to the beach. Almost everyone we know has a pool, and water parks are really a big birthday destination for many of her classmates. I have been pleasantly surprised with my daughters teacher, who in a few short lessons, has turned a non-swimmer into someone who can float, tread water and most importantly swim! One this I didn’t anticipate is how much energy it would zap out of my little swimmer to be spending that time kicking, treading, floating and swimming through the water. After a quick thirty minute lesson, she is absolutely pooped! She would rush out of the pool and straight to the water fountain, gasping in between swallows. Poor thing couldn’t get hydrated quick enough, it seemed. You’d never think how thirsty someone could get being in all that water!

I have been doing a lot of renovating on my house and making upgrades to everything. I live on the Gulf Coast and my house has a beachy feel to it, so I was looking for a simple light fixture to go in my small hallway. Since it is small, I wanted the fixture to have a big impact. I don’t want anything extravagant, just something that people will notice when they walk through. It will be on the way to the guest bedroom and bathroom, so it will be seen often.

I felt fine as I went in for a routine checkup with my doctor. There was nothing out of the ordinary to really make me think that I had any health issues going on but the doctor wanted to talk. I started to feel nervous, because when is a “talk” with a doctor ever great news? I had really high triglycerides. At first I didn’t even know what that meant. That sounded like a compliment to me, not a problem! The doctor told me that medical treatment is usually recommended for levels much lower than mine. Oh boy, this must be pretty bad then. I was in a serious state of shock and felt overwhelmed.