Distracted Driving: Tips for Staying Safe

Many states, including my own, have passed laws that prohibit texting and driving. I, for one, think this is smart. Texting, using your cell phone, or messing around with your radio are some of the many distractions in the car. Screaming kids in the backseat or back talking teenagers are also very distracting. For new drivers and teenagers, distractions are especially relevant, but there certain things you can do to stay focused. .


Favorite Summer Firsts & Last Day of School Tradition

As we pull out of the parking lot on my child’s last day of school, we turn up the radio and blast “Schools Out for Summer” by Alice Cooper. It’s our tradition, it’s what we do and I’m sure we aren’t alone. I love seeing the smile on my child’s face when they sing “Schools out FOREVER!” She laughs and bobs back and forth while the tune plays on. It’s adorable and fun and I love that we do that every year.


Kid-Friendly Travel & Car Seat Safety Tips

When it comes to safety, there is no way to be too prepared. Keeping kids safe in your car is something that all moms and dads should keep a top priority. When life gets hectic, it’s very easy to forget the simple, but vital basics of safe traveling with your kids on board.


The Baby Tree & Custom Print Giveaway

Sooner or later, every child will ask, Where do babies come from? Answering this question has never been this easy or entertaining! Join a curious little boy who asks everyone from his babysitter to the mailman, getting all sorts of funny answers along the way, before his parents gently set him straight.


Music & Child Development

Between things like Girl Scouts and soccer practice, your child’s schedule is probably already loaded to the brim with fun after-school activities. Though adding another activity, like music classes to the list… might seem like you are spreading your kids pretty thin, it would be worth considering dropping something and going forward with a skill like piano.