If you haven’t heard of Moxie Jean, let me change your life with just a few words! Moxie Jean is a fabulous upscale resale site for kids clothes. They feature a ton of awesome brands like Gymboree, Gap, Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, Baby Lulu and Ralph Lauren and they also include pieces from designer brands like Oilily, Mayoral, DKNY, Burberry, and Juicy Couture, all at 75% or more off retail prices. Yes! That’s 75% (or more) OFF!

Gearing up to go back to school can be hectic.  It can take some time for families to feel comfortable with their new schedule.  Starting the new routine before school begins can help families ease back into the school year. These simple tips will get you on the right track for a smooth transition for both parents and kids.

The mornings go by pretty quick in our house. It seems like we just wake up, eat a quick breakfast and head on to the next thing the day has planned for us. One thing I would love to do is eat a better breakfast, have a little more time to breathe and enjoy the morning.

These reusable Swiffer covers are ingenious! Never again will you have to buy refills…you can make your own if and when they wear out. And felt is inexpensive, so you can make several out of just one yard.