I was 22 years old and I had met the man of my dreams. We recently had went through the whole process of moving in together and we were both working full-time jobs. I didn’t have any signs or symptoms that I

We love tennis. Let me clarify though, we aren’t any good at tennis, but we love it anyway. Recently we picked up some tennis rackets and tennis balls from our local sports store as we made a commitment to getting out more,

This post brought to you by Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine. Manwich is a perfect addition to those Easy Weeknight Meals because they pack a lot of flavor into that small can. Our family has committed to trying to eat healthier,

Ingredients ·         3 oz. RealBeanz Dark Roast with Coconut Water ·         1 ½ oz. white rum ·         ½ oz. orange or tangerine liquor ·         Tangerine slices   Directions 1.       In a shaker, combine ice, RealBeanz, orange liqour and rum. 2.       Shake and pour into glass 3.       Squeeze two tangerine slices into

   This DIY is easy and doesn’t require many supplies. All you will need is: A styrofoam wreath form White coffee filters Jute hot glue gun small shells or starfish First, I flattened a bunch of the coffee filters then folded them in