Easy & Fun Breakfast-for-Dinner Idea for Kids

One of our favorite things to do as a family is eat dinner together. With a semi-picky eater, we try to accommodate small requests like no onions, no pepper, no avocados and I have to admit, she does pretty well! However, when it comes to a breakfast like the one I’m about to share with you, I can almost guarantee that she will clean her plate! I think Modern Day Dads has it nailed when it comes to breakfast, lunch (and dinner). Okay, I admit, he’s a great cook. The breakfast above was a big hit in our household and hopefully it will be the same in yours. It’s pretty simple!


Getting Ready for Sangria Season

The snow is melting in the northern hemisphere and the days are getting longer and brighter. It’s time to put away those heavy, tannin-laden red wines and dive into the lighter flavors of spring and summer. For many, that means fruitier red blends, roses and white wines. It also means breaking out some cold, refreshing sangria.


Clever Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is coming up soon! Do you have anything special planned? Last year was the first year we went all out with the easter eggs. This year, I want to try something different besides the typical dye and spoon method. Here are some clever ideas for decorating easter eggs:


Must-Have Travel Essentials for Glamping

When it comes to traveling, we do a lot. It’s all just part of being a modern day mom. The last thing I want to do between juggling a child on vacation, and getting everything ready is have to worry about my belongings. From long flights, to just road trips on the weekend, only one company comes to mind when I pack my things away in a duffle bag, and thats Poler. Poler offers high quality stuff that looks good, is a good value and you can feel good about supporting. Though they specialize in camp type gear, they also have cool duffle bags, the napsack, a wearable sleeping bag (which spends a lot of time with me on the couch, instead of around a campfire) and much, much, more.


Beach Party Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating my house, it seems like there is always something that feels like it needs to be done. Where to start? Sometimes I search the internet endlessly for inspiration and then find myself lost past the point of my motivation dying. I see bits and pieces here and there but have no idea how to put it all together! I like seeing rooms with themes, and their construction from start to finish. Things like that can be pretty hard to find!