Hold on to your hats. No really, please do. We are under a tornado watch here so it’s a little windy. We have a super exciting giveaway going on today thanks to Diono! They are giving us 4 products to give away today including 2 bouncers, 1 jumper & 1 super awesome carseat in your choice of blue or purple. They are pretty much our BFF’s at this point and they felt like you guys deserved a chance to win some awesome prizes.

The Bissell CleanView is a great vacuum. I had been wanting something that would do the job of sucking up the pet hair that was getting stuck in my popcorn rug. It would annoy me to find that I would still have little stray dog hairs left behind after I finished vacuuming. I was frustrated and needed something new.

I haven’t always been into making my own soaps and bath products but in the past few years, I have become more and more obsessed. Basically, at this point, there’s really no stopping me. I have made so many “potions” as my daughter calls them ranging from calming rub to sore muscle ointment. I have a few favorites that I make over and over again and this DIY Bubble Bath is one of them.

Kids are stinky enough… manage the odor in your home that is coming from your pets as well by using Fresh Step® Extreme Odor Control Scoopable Litter. This litter will be your best friend when it comes to eliminating odor. This Extreme Odor Control Scoopable Litter is specially formulated to handle the stinkiest litter boxes, plus their patented CarbonPLUS™ technology eliminates extreme odors around the clock and deodorizes with a fresh scent.