Hey Everyone, I’m Megan, a regular guest blogger on Modern Day Moms. Every saturday for the next few weeks, I’ll give you the how-to for some of the party decorations that I’ve made over the years. Banners, invites, piñatas, garland and the whole how-to for throwing a polka dot themed double birthday celebration!

I’m going to let you in an a little secret: I’m not a professional couponer. As a matter of fact, I would never even consider myself a “couponer” at all, I just like to save money. I know some people do not consider it saving money until it’s at least 60% that they’ve saved on their grocery bill… To me, it’s not about saving 40% – 80% on your bill, it’s about just saving money in general… every little bit helps.

Ah, the cereal aisle. The eternal battle between sugar and healthy. What is a dad to do when he rivals the likes of his daughters favorite cartoon characters practically screaming to eat the sugar-coated puffs of regurgitated crap on the shelves? A dad has to think quick and fast these days because nothing gets by these kids.

There is a sauce that has won over so many heat-seekers’ hearts: its mix of fiery habanero peppers and other natural ingredients delivers vibrant intensity and a delicious, tangy taste. Below are some recipes that highlight this delicious sauce. It’s no coincidence that these recipes are super easy, quick, and perfect for game day! (hint: superbowl)