Quick & Easy Holiday Decorations

We all want our houses to look cute and decked out for the Holidays…. but as moms, we don’t always have the time. Here are just a few ideas to decorate your house a bit without a lot of effort. I did most of this while winding down after bedtime chaos with some wine and TV. Homeland, anyone?!?


Two Chex® Party Mix Recipes, 15 Minutes Only!

One of my favorite things about Chex is halfway through the cereal box, I love to make some Chex bars. Making bars out of cereal is a long standing family tradition that has been passed down from my parents to me, and their parents to them. It’s a fun way to spice things up and a delicious way to include Chex! We have all tasted and enjoyed the deliciousness that is known as Chex Party Mix, but a lot of the fun for our family is coming up with our own combinations to see how they taste.