Two Chex® Party Mix Recipes, 15 Minutes Only!

One of my favorite things about Chex is halfway through the cereal box, I love to make some Chex bars. Making bars out of cereal is a long standing family tradition that has been passed down from my parents to me, and their parents to them. It’s a fun way to spice things up and a delicious way to include Chex! We have all tasted and enjoyed the deliciousness that is known as Chex Party Mix, but a lot of the fun for our family is coming up with our own combinations to see how they taste.


Sponsored Video: Jeri Ryan “Lodging” TV Commercial

There is no easy way to bring it up, talk about it, or properly express the right emotions when dealing with cancer. It’s a tough thing to think about and most of us try not to think about it at all, if we don’t have to. Cancer is an intimidating word, and even tough to consider when your loved ones are involved. Cancer can be one of the scariest words in the human language, but fortunately, with proper treatment and a positive attitude, it doesn’t always have to be a scary word.


Adding Holiday Sparkle To Your Living Room

The holiday season is one time of year that we actually take time to decorate our house accordingly. We venture into our garage, and start pulling out the boxes we have labeled as “fall “and “Christmas”.  It makes me wonder why I always put the boxes on the bottom of the pile, instead of where I can easily access them, but that is part of the seasonal tradition as well.  Hearing boxes falling and me groaning in the garage is a sure fire way to know the season is upon us.


Last Minute Grooming Gift Idea (for our men)

If your husband is anything like mine, they either want “nothing” for Christmas or already have it all. I know how tough it can be doing Christmas shopping for someone like that. Why not give them something they can actually use and would enjoy. Whether your man has a gym in the garage, or spends time at their favorite fitness club just having the time to go to the gym is sometimes Christmas present enough.


Avoiding Holiday Hazards

The holidays aren’t always as sweet as they could be. Home safety and security frequently bubble up as big concerns, according to a new Allstate claims report that reveals an average of 67,500 homeowners insurance claims take place during the holiday season.