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One of the biggest and most common questions you will hear if you decide to become a vegan or vegetarian is “Where do you get your protein?” It seems like it is the only cause for concern by any carnivore, and it usually comes from a place trying to discredit your ability to do so. I am surprised how many people could actually care about my protein intake, vegan or not. I can’t imagine someone asking me how I got my protein if I was on any other type of diet. Perhaps I am just calloused to the question, and maybe their intentions are good, but I can assure you, as someone partaking in a plant based diet, I am getting my protein just fine, and in heaps, from the various plant sources that are available. Certainly I am taking more care of my protein intake than the one chicken breast they are eating a day.

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Sneaking Veggies To Those Picky Eaters

Like many parents, we have a hard time getting our child to eat her fruits and vegetables. We beg, we plead, we threaten, we try and use reverse psychology and in the end, even after we have covered them with cheese, we still won’t get a bite in. School age children especially like to assert their independence and one of the times they will be able to flex their choice the most is at the dinner table.

Everyday Travel

How to Plan a Budget Family Vacation

Vacations are a fantastic way to unwind, relax and take your kids to wonderful locations around the world, teaching them about different cultures, foods and climates. However, as we all know, vacations can be very expensive, with the cost of plane tickets, travel agents, meals, days out and other activities all taking their toll on every Mom’s purse.

Seasonal Tips & Ideas

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Tips & Recipes

Thanksgiving is one particular holiday where there is always plenty of food on the table. However, hosts may find themselves stumped when preparing a “gluten-free” Thanksgiving dinner. What should be avoided? How can families create a meal that everyone will be able to enjoy? Dr. Kristen Bobik, founder of Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Practitioners, has the following tips on identifying small changes that can be made to ensure Thanksgiving staples remain delicious and most importantly, safe.

Everyday Seasonal

7 Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Thanksgiving

Though kids may view Thanksgiving as the first stop on the school holiday vacation train, there’s a lot more for them to know about it than simply no class, stuffed turkey and whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie. Considering Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays in which children can learn about sharing, community, gratitude and compassion for others, it’s important to take the time to talk about its meaning.


Personalizing Handbags

Are you obsessed with handbags as much as I am? Do you have a closet dedicated to handbags alone? Hey, let’s not go crazy and get all judgey about it… I’m sure we aren’t the only ones with quite the handbag collection. With that in mind, I’m excited to introduce you to Initials, Inc. They are a fast growing direct sales company that offers amazing personalized bags, home products, and gifts! Their products are on trend, high-quality and the best part about it is that everything can be personalized.