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DIY Citrus Sea Salt Coconut Oil Scrub

I am a firm believer in sea salt scrubs. I have a small jar in my shower at all times and depending on my mood, I reach for a scrub containing lavender or one containing some form of citrus. The best thing about sea salt scrubs is the feeling they give your skin after you use them. Soft, scented and moisturized.


Shhhhut Down Fat Talk!

It’s true that we can be our own worst enemies. I can see myself standing in front of a mirror examining every inch of my own body. This parts too big, this parts too small, I wish I had more muscles, I just can’t help myself sometimes.

Everyday Tips & Ideas

Beauty Tip: Black Currant Oil

Black Currant Oil is pressed from black currant seeds. When taken as a gel gap, it can help with weak or brittle nails, and hair problems such as dryness, thinning, brittleness, or split ends. It is suggested to avoid the topical solutions of Black currant Oil, and for adults to take 500 mg twice daily.


Quick & Easy Holiday Decorations

We all want our houses to look cute and decked out for the Holidays…. but as moms, we don’t always have the time. Here are just a few ideas to decorate your house a bit without a lot of effort. I did most of this while winding down after bedtime chaos with some wine and TV. Homeland, anyone?!?