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Bump Up Your Calcium During Pregnancy

Viactiv gives you one less thing to worry about. Pregnancy can be a wild ride. With the ups and downs of emotions, it feels like your plate is always full. You have a lot going on, and anything you can do to make being pregnant a little bit easier, the better. After all, you are already doing the magical feet of creating a human being.

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Chuck E. Cheese + Kids Play Safe

Few places make my child’s eyes light up with excitement then when I tell them we are going to Chuck E. Cheese’s. with hours of games, fun, and food, Chuck E. Cheese’s is the perfect place for a day out with the kids and seeing them enjoy themselves. Truth be told it’s pretty enjoyable for me too!

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Amazing Vacation Ideas for Your Big Family That Won’t Break Your Budget

Families with more than two kids don’t have to sacrifice their vacation each summer because of the extra costs. While it’s true that groups of five or more may have to pay higher hotel rates or per-person charges at hotels, there are plenty of alternatives that are great for your budget. Larger families just have to think more creatively when brainstorming ideas for a yearly summer vacation for their crew. Here are a few amazing but inexpensive ideas for your big family to consider for your next summer adventure.