Skin Treatments to Keep Your Youthful Glow

It is a fact of life. As you age, so does your skin. The wrinkles start to show, age spots and discoloration surface and in some cases, acne comes back in full force. When there are so many outside factors that contribute to the decline of our skin (and not always enough time to take care of it), it can quickly affect your self-confidence.

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Road Trip Hacks for Kids

So, you decided to take a road trip with your family. You packed your bags, planned your route, and now are thinking of last minute things you may have forgotten. Luckily, you ended up here. In this post, we go over a few last minute hacks for your road trip. Keep your kids safe, entertained, and not whining about being hungry! Check out our list below!


How To Save And Improve Your Personal Finances

If you want to save money for an emergency fund, for some high-ticket purchases, or for your retirement, you may be wondering where to start because, as far as you can tell, you have no extra money to tuck away. However, by reducing your spending and creating a budget, you can start identifying where you are spending too much money. Once you discover these “money leaks,” you can reallocate these funds to your savings account.

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Buffalo Chicken Chili

Have you seen shirts that say “feed me doughnuts + tell me I’m pretty” or “give me pizza + tell me I’m beautiful”? Well, I’m more of a “give me hot wings + you don’t have to say anything to me” kind of girl. So naturally, I love anything that mimics the flavors of hot wings and the accompaniments.


Lawn Care and Gardening Tips for Busy Moms

The work of a mother is never done. When you’re not tending to the needs of your children or your marriage, you’re spending time giving the home the TLC it needs. Though you enjoy your role, with so many responsibilities, it seems to never be enough time in the day to get it all done. Tasks like gardening and lawn care take a back seat to extracurricular activities and work. If your lawn looks like it hasn’t been cared for in some time, these tips should help you whip it back into shape.

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Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken 5 Ways

I am a combination of a stay-at-home mom mixed with a 12-hour-shift-working nurse. I stay home with my kids on week days, and work 1-2 weekend days a week. Whether I am at home or working, I like having the option to have a quick and easy, but delicious lunch ready to go in minutes. One way to make my life much easier is to meal prep protein to have throughout the week. My only problem with meal prepping is that I hate to eat the same thing over and over every day. I have found an easy solution to have the best of both worlds.