DIY Stain Removal (Video)


Healthy Tips on Motivation & Exercise

You look great! How did you do it? I wish I could do that.

I’ve tried diets and they just don’t work. I’m going to go on the (insert yoyo diet here) next month. I’m tired of hearing it. I’ve got the answer and no one, not one of them wants to listen. There is no special food, no special diet, not magic number; it’s plain and simple. Eat less and exercise more. Now how antiquated of an idea could someone profess? Not only does that sound too good to be true, but it also sounds boring and hard to know where to start. You see, most people can’t stick to a diet because it’s too restrictive. You can’t eat this or that, and most times, “this and that” are your favorite foods. Forget it. It’s just lining you up for a binge that will toss your whole plan in the trash.



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