I love coffee.  It’s my morning pick-me up, my lunchtime wake up call, it’s what gets me through the afternoon and it’s was keeps me up long enough to watch the news after the kids are in bed.  Unfortunately I never have really liked my coffee hot.  For years I’ve asked for iced coffee every time I order one out, pick one up at the store, and especially when I make one at home.  Sometimes though, it’s hard to get the flavor just right.  

Have you heard of MyPoints? Well let me introduce those of you who have not heard of it. MyPoints is a free online rewards program. You earn Points/rewards for most everything you are already doing online: shopping, filling our surveys, searching, printing coupons and playing games. It almost sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? I have been doing all this stuff online already, and for nothing! Now I can get rewarded for it! With the holidays coming up, it seems like there would be no better tie for you to get started earning points for the things you are already buying online! I know, I know, you can thank me later.

We’ve tried it all. We’ve bought roller skates, bicycles, basketballs, frisbees and soccer balls. We’ve eagerly learned about the physical benefits of “barefoot running” together, and limped back home with tiny shards of glass in our toes.

The Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida was able to provide us every luxury a hotel of it calibre should provide. The staff if the hotel were courteous and personable from the minute we stepped foot on the property. We were promptly greeted by valet who handed us off to the bellman, who handed us off to check in. The process was dialed in so smoothly that we couldn’t have asked for more.

Though kids may view Thanksgiving as the first stop on the school holiday vacation train, there’s a lot more for them to know about it than simply no class, stuffed turkey and whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie. Considering Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays in which children can learn about sharing, community, gratitude and compassion for others, it’s important to take the time to talk about its meaning.

Do your kids understand and appreciate what it means to be energy conscious? How the little things we do day to day can make a serious environmental impact over a lifetime? Here are 4 fun activities you can do with your kids to help reduce energy consumption and teach them sustainable practices.