It’s never too early or too late to reconsider your healthy life choices. Recently a high blood pressure scare prompted me to reconsider what I was doing with my health, and if I actually was as healthy as I thought I was. I guess I would have always considered myself to be a little bit of a health nut, at least compared to what my friends were doing, and certainly I was known as “the healthy vegetarian” of the group. I never would have considered myself to be “the unhealthy one”, but was I?

My body no longer aches like it did before I started this challenge, and definitely not as bad as it did when I very first started it.  You might remember when I started my One Small Change Challenge (INSERT LINKBACK TO POST HERE) and then again when I checked in with you around the 30 day mark (Read Part 2 & Part 1).  I made a commitment to exercise for 30 minutes a day, every day, for 60 days.  It seemed like a pretty easy thing to do at first, it really did.  As I moved further into it, I realized that sometimes your body can be your worst enemy.  It was simple for me to want to give up right there, but a challenge is a challenge, and I can be pretty stubborn.  So mornings when I would have rather stayed in bed, I would mentally prepare myself for a run, and then hammer it out before anyone else in my house was even awake yet.  I would sneak away after my daughters bedtime and ride laps on my bicycle around the neighborhood.  Some days I would feel so weak, I couldn’t imagine trying to lift my set of weights, but I trudged through it and amazingly enough things started to change.  

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