Parents who have ever been stumped by a child’s tough Santa question, like “How does Santa get into houses without a fireplace?” or “How does Santa get around the whole world in one night?” will be relieved to know there’s a place

This post brought to you by Frozen Food Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you know that not only can frozen fruit and vegetables be more economical, but they also may be more nutritious for you than the fresh varieties in your local

A breakfast quiche is the perfect thing to make on a weekend or even in advance for a quick breakfast treat! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this treat so expand them and add in things you and your family

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food   . All opinions are 100% mine. Dogs are not only our best friends but also our family pets and we often go through great lenghths to make sure they are well-fed and

Give an ordinary woven basket a facelift with paint. It’s an easy project that lets you organize craft supplies or other odds and ends in style. Tools 1-1/2-in angle sash paintbrush Materials Basket Painter’s tape Steps Step 1 Choose three shades of