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Places To Visit: Croatia

After attending my sister’s wedding in Paris, I was on an EasyJet flight to Croatia, a mere two hours away, to meet up with my friends. Regardless of the countless pictures I had viewed, I was filled with anticipation as to what my eyes would truly see in Croatia. From the moment I stepped off the plane I was not disappointed. I wish I could find a more intellectual word to describe what my eyes first beheld but “WOW” says it all. Majestic mountains greet you as soon as your feet touch Croatian soil. In spite of my desire to not look too touristy, I automatically took out my camera, shooting endlessly, almost reluctant to leave the tarmac.


Daily Photo

Obsessed with cucumber at the moment. Love the feeling of these wipes. Not 100% sold on eye makeup remover pads but maybe I’ll get there. (@yestocarrots)



At least once a month, I swear that I will never let my child eat in the car again! I promise myself. I say that we will not allowed food in the car…. and then we end up going on a road-trip or a drive that is longer than an hour and what happens? I cave in. 

Everyday Parenting Tips & Ideas

A New Parents Guide To Dealing With School

How to deal with your child going to “real” school,
for the new parent.

You are the new parent whose child is just starting school. You have no idea what is going on, other than you are leaving your precious child in the care of complete strangers. What time will he eat? What if he is cold? Can I call to check on him? It’s more stress for you than it is for your child.