“Redsnapper Baby: Single Red Snap for Baby Onesies”

allow me to introduce you to redsnapper baby…

Redsnapper™ is one of the companies that you see and think… “where were they when my child was younger?”

Redsnapper™ is one of the companies that you see and think… “where were they when my child was younger?”. You know what I’m talking about! I find myself saying that a lot and this was no exception. You see, Redsnapper™ has come up with an easy way for parents to snap those onesies without having to re-do them a few minutes later. They have added a single red snap on their baby onesies for you to snap right the first time… every single time. They have trendy baby clothing and onesies for babies & toddlers, newborn clothing, baby boys clothing, and baby girls clothing. They also have long sleeve onesies too.

Here’s a little info on Redsnapper

Redsnapper™ is a product of parenting. After our first daughter, Phenix, we discovered how easily we would mis-snap her onesie when in a rush and have to do it all over again! So we have added a single red snap on on our baby onesies for you to be able to snap it right the first time, every time. Redsnapper is a husband and wife team, Rob & Jen who met while working in a creative branding agency. Jen is a Design Director and Rob is an architect. His witty humor can be most noted on the Birds & Bees onesie, and the VERY popular Vegas onesie. Jen has created the branding “look” and brings all of the ideas for new designs to life while still being a full time mom to two little girls, Phenix, 2 1/2 yrs and Scarlett, 1 yr.

PLUS all of our garments are designed, snapped, labeled, and printed in AMERICA!

Redsnapper Discount Codes – Buy TWO, Get one FREE!

Redsnapper has been so kind to provide discount codes exclusively to our readers.

If you are interested in purchasing the Tees, the code will be:


Note: You will add 3 tees to your cart and the code will subtract $15.00!

If you are interested in purchasing the adorable onesies, the codes will be:

MODERNONESIESHORT (for short sleeve)

MODERNONESIELONG (for long sleeve)

Note: You will put three onesies in the cart along with the priceless onesie and it will deduct the price of one!

You can visit their website here:
You can find them on facebook & on twitter!



  • Emily on September 19, 2011

    Genius! And so cute, too!

  • Jasmine on September 19, 2011

    I’m in love with the Hoos Hoot? SOO CUTE!!!

  • Jessica on September 24, 2011

    These are the cutest, ever.

  • Jessica on September 26, 2011

    Love them!


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