Tech Talk: Kajeet - Smartphone for Kids

“Tech Talk: Kajeet – Smartphone for Kids”

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kajeet for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is right around the corner and as rules become a little more lax it’s also important to make sure we have an eye on our children.  Summertime is an awesome time for parents to let their children experience more and more freedom and independence from their watchful eye. One of the most exciting things about summertime for my child party later bedtimes and meet ups with her friends. Occasionally she will want to spend the afternoon or a night over at a friends and I am glad to let her experience these things. It’s very important to keep your children connected with their friends through summer time so they are able to easily transition into their next grades.
I find myself however, still wanting to be able to keep tabs here and there on my daughter as she experiences more and more freedom. It’s not that I don’t trust her, because I do, it is because I don’t trust everyone else out there in the big wide world we live in.  
My daughter is right at the age where we are considering getting her a phone but she doesn’t necessarily need as much access as we do on Harrs. I always thought it would be wonderful to give her a phone but be able to control it with some sort of parental controls so she has limited access but just enough access to what she needs.
She need something a little more than a two-way walkie-talkie to just keep in touch with her parents. BH of the home phone line has long since passed and she is at the age where she wants to get her phone number to her friends so they can chat about school, what’s on TV, and even boys.  
With her peers, I welcome these sorts of activities and think they are necessary to developmental social growth.  I don’t mind if she sends text messages here and there to her friends to ask if they saw what was on TV last night, or if they noticed the shirt that the cute guy was wearing. Did you hear he got a haircut? He’s so dreamy.  
Kajeet offers exactly what I am looking for.  They offer functionality that can be added to many current smart phones. I don’t want her to be left in the dark with an antique two way walkie-talkie, I’d like for her to be educated and hip to the current technology of phones with a little bit of parental guidance. Kajeet offers just that. She is able to pick from many phones and have their system added to it which gives me the ability to monitor and limit her phone time. I’m able to limit which Contacts she talks to and also block ones that might be trouble. I’m able to limit calling during certain times without blocking phone calls from mom or dad. After all she might need her phone for the bus ride home but she certainly doesn’t need to be texting in the middle of science class. No other service offers this type of ability!  It’s absolutely fantastic.

Affordable plans that start at just $4.99/month.
a.) No activation fee.
b.) No termination fee.
c.) No long-term contract.
d.) No hassles if you need to change your plan. Change it whenever you need or want to, with no penalty.

Unlike other services, Kajeet caters to parents and kids. We know that kids want the independence and peer approval that come with having a cell phone – all the kids have them! And parents want a solution that won’t break the bank, can be used responsibly and won’t be abused. That’s where Kajeet comes in. Kids get the phone they want and parents get a service that’s affordable and easy to manage.

I was apprehensive about getting my daughter a cell phone, but thanks to Kajeet I can be assured of her cell phone interactions. We all know that cell phones can be a place where cyber bullying happens and with easy parental controls we can block troublemakers and allow her best friends to come through. If she is at a sleepover I know that she is just a phone call away or if she was out with friends she can get in touch with me if she needs to.

In addition to the phones that are available for purchase, you may Bring Your Own Sprint® Device to Kajeet. This means you don’t need to purchase a phone from Kajeet in order to be on our service; if you already own an eligible (and inactive) device, you can activate it with Kajeet. Eligible devices must be Sprint branded and not all devices are eligible (but the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 are). You can, though, check on the Kajeet website whether or not one in your possession is.


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