10 Ridiculous Things Smartphone Users Do Behind The Wheel #ItCanWait

“10 Ridiculous Things Smartphone Users Do Behind The Wheel #ItCanWait”

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How many of these things have you done?


Really though… how many?

When you see the driver next to you looking at their phone, it’s no longer safe to assume they’re texting. New research1 from AT&T* shows nearly 4-in-10 smartphone users tap into social media while driving. Almost 3-in-10 surf the net. And surprisingly, 1-in-10 video chat.

7-in-10 people engage in smartphone activities while driving. Texting and emailing are still the most prevalent. But other smartphone activity use behind the wheel is now common. Among social platforms, Facebook tops the list, with more than a quarter of those polled using the app while driving. About 1-in-7 said they’re on Twitter behind the wheel.

“When we launched It Can Wait five years ago, we pleaded with people to realize that no text is worth a life,” said Lori Lee, AT&T’s global marketing officer. “The same applies to other smartphone activities that people are doing while driving. For the sake of you and those around you, please keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.”

We recently talked about new information regarding the ItCanWait campaign and even hosted a giveaway. We wanted to take a second to congratulate our winner: Jennifer M.

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