5 Funny & Helpful Parenting Tips

“5 Funny & Helpful Parenting Tips”

“My shoes hurt” my daughter exclaimed as we were hurriedly rushing out the door.  I had been hearing excuses all week. 


“Those are brand new shoes, they fit just fine” I firmly stated. Of all days to come up with excuses, it was when we were late for the field trip.  I didn’t have to make her a lunch, as they got brown bag lunches at school, so I did have a few minutes to make sure all her papers were together, and her book bag was ready.  Luckily enough she opted for the brown bag, she is quite the picky eater and certainly wouldn’t eat a school lunch.  We got in the car, and as I helped her buckle into her booster seat, I looked at her feet.  I bet that they did hurt, she had put her shoes on the wrong feet!  I helped her change her shoes and we made our way to the school.

We unloaded ourselves from the car just in time and made our way to the classroom. “What time do I need to meet back here?” I said to my daughters teacher, while wearing the school volunteer t shirt.  She looked confused and asked me “Back here for what?”.  It suddenly dawned on me, that the field trip was next week.  I kissed my daughter goodbye and left wearing not only the school shirt, but a little embarrassment as well.  I went back home, and before I knew it, my whirlwind of a day was coming to where I had to pick her back up again.  How time flies.  I could see her walking down the hallway toward the car.  She was giggling and playing with some classmates.  “At least she had a good day…” I thought.

“How was school today?”, I asked her as she climbed into her booster seat.  “Well, you forgot my lunch”.  I went cold.  The thought of my daughter not having anything to eat and it being all my fault made me shiver.  Today just was not my day.  “What did you do? Are you hungry, Did you get food?” I blurted them all out as fast as I could.  “Oh, I just got school lunch” she smiled, and it was delicious.  Well, things turned out OK after all.  And my picky little eater, well she has been eating school lunch ever since.

1. Brew your coffee strong, and drink it quickly.
2. Use Round Shoe Labels and write LEFT AND RIGHT on them: from Bright Star Kids.
3. Make more coffee.
4. Actually use your calendar to remember important dates like, field trips.
5. Set out your Bright Star Kids lunch bag the night before, you know, just so you don’t forget it.

Put a label on it! Kick off the school year right and prevent unnecessary mishaps. Reply below for $5 off your Bright Star Kids order. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids.  The opinions and text are all mine.


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