9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of This Site

“9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of This Site”

Whether you are new to this site or you’ve been a loyal reader for a while now, you might notice that we offer a lot of content and various other things to our readers on a daily basis. Here is a little breakdown of our site, that will allow you to get the most out of it.

Click to enlarge the photo *opens in new window:

There are 9 key points that I will cover, as marked above in the photo.

1. This is our menu bar which displays our pages. When you hover over ABOUT, it will drop down and show you other about pages, such as about the site and about the moms. COMMUNITY is our message board/community where we love to chat with our readers. All of our giveaways are listed under the GIVEAWAYS tab! You can easily just click that page and see what the latest giveaways are.

2. Featured content! We like to feature a lot of current giveaways or most recent posts here.

3. There are 5 main categories to this site. They are listed here in a colorful way.

4 & Invisible 5. The most recent post will show in full display right below the 5 categories. Currently, the most recent post (in the image above) shows as The Cool Wazoo. You can “like” the post, send it to your facebook friends, or even click on the “comment” section and leave a comment!

Underneath the most recent post, will be our latest posts that we’ve written on the site in order. You can see the author of the post, how many comments it has and you just need to click the title to read the post in full.

6. Older Pages. To read more entries, just go in page order to display our posts.

7. This bar will display on most pages. It will show you random posts and our latest video post. Underneath it, you will see a small list of recent posts, recent comments and a few places we’ve been featured on.

8. Favorites. All of our favorite posts will be listed here and will rotate.

9. The sidebar. There are a lot of fun things in the sidebar! You will see our main categories (as mentioned in #3) as well as the giveaways category. Just click “more articles…” to read more articles in that specific category.

You can also be our friend on facebook, twitter, browse for posts by category and specific topics, meet our sponsors, receive e-mail updates and find out more about us on other sites.

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we love bringing you some pretty fun content.



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    Thanks for the tips : )


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