A little too much wine? Rebootizer to the rescue.

“A little too much wine? Rebootizer to the rescue.”

Powder in the top, water in the bottom. Just squeeze, shake and drink!

Rebootizer is a new antioxidant detox wellness enhancer which has been developed to eliminate excess free radicals and toxins in the body and is the first product to offer Oxidative Stress Relief. Oxidative Stress occurs when your metabolism does not fully neutralize free radicals and is the main culprit of the aging process. Developed by the Alpenrose Clinic in Switzerland, it contains a proprietary blend of extracts  from 7 naturally powerful fruit and plant antioxidants that promote metabolic efficiency and support both digestive and liver function.

What’s really quite as innovative as the powder itself is the unique dual-compartment MixSystem(TM) pouch. Studies show that the effectiveness of antioxidants and vitamins deteriorates in liquid over time, and that pills limit the body’s ability to absorb these nutrients. With this technology, Rebootizer combats Oxidative Stress because of the products rapid absportion by body’s cells and maximum bio-availability. I hope when sampling Rebootizer, you will notice the different effects on your body as you reap the benefit of the extracts’ maximum efficacy. Simply squeeze the bottom of the pouch to “pop” the seal, shake and drink!

Rebootizer is safe enough for daily use: it can be taken before/after strenuous exercise, after excess food/drink indulgence, when traveling (especially by air), or daily for health weight maintenance. The Alpenrose Clinic recommends a minimum monthly regimen of 6 consecutive days to effectively minimize levels of free radicals and help you to live a longer, healthier life. Rebootizer is designed to help you to “Feel Better Today, Live Better Tomorrow”. If consumers want to learn more they can connect with Rebootizer on their Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest or follow their blog.


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