A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

“A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words”

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A photo is worth a THOUSAND words, right?… Well, in this case, a thousand photos are worth THREE words: OH MY GOSH.

My clever toddler has figured out the workings of “photobooth” on her own. The first time I realized this, I had logged into my computer and found hundreds of photos she had taken of herself. Not only that, she had dragged them onto the desktop from photobooth.

Seriously? Who does that?

She pulled out all the stops. She had some photos in sepia, b&w, distorted, on a roller coaster, walking on the moon, you know what I’m talking about all you mac lovers. It was quite hilarious. I had to create an album on facebook, just to upload some of these photos for others to see for themselves.. It was just too good not to share.

Especially ones like these:

Walking on the moon… Sorta.

Swimming with the fishes… Kinda.

I could go on and on, literally… there are hundreds of these gems. We actually had to tell her she wasn’t allowed on there without asking… it was getting a little out of hand.

However, when I need a good laugh, I just refer back to the folder of all these photos.. They bring a smile to my face in an instant. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

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  • Jasmine on July 14, 2011

    HAHA! This is too funny. I was just on my computer the other day and realized my son had gotten into photobooth as well and there were all kinds of pictures. My favorite was him pretending to ride the roller coaster. So funny!


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