A Spoonful of Cocoa Helps The Medicine Go Down

“A Spoonful of Cocoa Helps The Medicine Go Down”

It’s late at night and my daughter crawls out of her bed. I hear the familiar creak of her bedroom door as she shuffles across the hallway. She fumbles with my door knob a little bit before she opens is and the light from my television nearly blinds her sleepy eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her and I can see the familiar look on her face. She rattles off the old firm oh your list of ailments that come with having a cold. In the middle of the night I know the best thing I can do is treat her symptoms for now so she can get some rest, and see how she feels in the morning.

“Okay, let’s go get some medicine,” I say. Almost before I even get those words out the look on her face changes completely. She starts to mope and whine at even the thought of having to gulp down some cold medicine. Fortunately this time would be different.

As I sure her down the stairs, we head right to the medicine cabinet. She already has her cup of water ready to wash out the taste of the medicine she is expecting. This time however, she won’t even need a couple of water. Dr. Cocoa offers something that will make us both sleep easier. Dr. Cocoa™ for Children is the first-ever cough and cold medicine for children with patented formulas combining trusted, effective ingredients with 10% real cocoa for great chocolate taste to make giving medicine to kids easier!

Dr. Cocoa™ products combine trusted, effective ingredients with 10% real cocoa for a real chocolate taste and it’s the chocolate that makes the difference! The last thing I want to do with my sick child is argue with them in the middle of the night about taking their medicine. Thanks to Dr. Cocoa that argument doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Dr. Cocoa’s soothing, real-cocoa formula was developed to improve dosing compliance among children – it triggers a smile, not a struggle.

Sometimes all the beginnings of a cold need are a good nights sleep. Thanks to Dr. Cocoa’s medicine my daughters symptoms will stay at bay for almost 8 hours. That is just enough time for her to get the rest she needs. Chances are she will feel better by the morning.

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