ALOHA protein products are now in Target!

“ALOHA protein products are now in Target!”

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am in the middle of a transformation. For months now, I have been working to keep my health and fitness in check.

I never really was too active. My yoga pants had never seen a yoga studio, and going to the gym sounded about as appealing as climbing Mount Everest. It’s not that I was anti-exercise, it’s just that it is so hard to find the time.

With a little help from my husband, I started a simple workout plan and have been seeing some very good results. My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and the numbers on the scale don’t lie! What I am doing is working.

When progress stalled I had to take a look at one of the more important aspects of fitness and that is my diet. I never really pay too much attention to what I ate. My diet mainly consisted of sweets and comfort foods. The problem was, these foods were no longer giving me any comfort.

I realized how important it was to pay attention to the foods you eat and adjusted accordingly. I lowered my carbohydrates a bit and paid more attention to my fats and protein intake. I had no problem getting in my heart healthy fats, routinely grabbing an avocado for a snack. But rarely could I find enough time to cook up a chicken breast for some added protein while a crying tot was tugging at my ankles.

Thanks to ALOHA products, getting in that extra bit of muscle building protein is a cinch.

ALOHA Protein Powder + ALOHA Protein Bars can now officially be found in Target! Why are we obsessed? They’re 100% free of harsh chemicals, fillers, and artificial sweeteners, not to mention dairy-free, gluten-free and organic!

Now officially live in Target, these organic plant-based protein shakes and bars make hitting those nutrients easy.

I have found that plant-based proteins are a lot easier to digest, and taste a whole lot better. I feel good knowing that there are no artificial ingredients in their products and I can just grab a bar and toss it into the diaper bag on my way out of the house. 18 grams of plant based protein make this a fantastic and tasty way to add up those macronutrients! The shakes blend easy and are perfect to toss in a Tumblr cup midday for a little pick me up, or post workout with also with 18grams of delicious plant based protein.

Health and fitness is more than something you do on the weekends, it is an entire lifestyle change. Thanks to the products that ALOHA makes I am able to make that change a part of my daily life seamlessly. With there being so much misinformation in the health and fitness community, and so many companies willing to lead you and your health astray, ALOHA shines like a beacon of light in the darkness. Deriving their nutrients from whole foods, their simple and honest products deliver the quality I expect from a health food. It’s great to have them on hand to help me continue on this journey.





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