Amazing Vacation Ideas for Your Big Family That Won't Break Your Budget

“Amazing Vacation Ideas for Your Big Family That Won’t Break Your Budget”

Families with more than two kids don’t have to sacrifice their vacation each summer because of the extra costs. While it’s true that groups of five or more may have to pay higher hotel rates or per-person charges at hotels, there are plenty of alternatives that are great for your budget. Larger families just have to think more creatively when brainstorming ideas for a yearly summer vacation for their crew. Here are a few amazing but inexpensive ideas for your big family to consider for your next summer adventure.

Camping Adventure

The first type of vacation that is great for your pocketbook is a campground trip. For large families, the kids and adults can spread out with a few tents for sleeping and explore the great outdoors. Staking out a campsite may only cost a handful of dollars instead of the hundreds you may pay for a hotel room. You and your kids can choose a campground resort that’s loaded with amenities like a pool and a playground to make it even more fun.

Beach House Bliss

If your family loves the beach, consider claiming a beach house rental for one week during the summer. There are many coastal resort areas that offer discount vacation rentals during the shoulder seasons, like late August or early June, when some school districts may still be in session. Even if your family has to reserve a week in the height of the summer, your large family will save a bundle with one house rental compared to two or three adjoining hotel rooms.

National Park Trek

Having a big family means you can also take advantage of some of the great National Parks in the country. Your large group can save on spending time in some of the most famous natural sites in the outdoors instead of making a yearly trip to popular theme parks. Many National Parks are perfect for even the youngest members of the family. Your kids will love trekking through the network of trails and seeing the beauty of these treasured parks.

Family Reunion Fun

For some families, they can get additional savings on summer trips by visiting other family members. Pick a spot that’s near a relative, and make your trip do double duty. Spend time with family, and catch up on the latest happenings with people from your past. Get more money saving recommendations from the people you grew up with, like where to go for the best local insurance agency or investing tips from your favorite aunt or cousin.

Staycation Success

Finally, if prices are especially steep for any type of trip this year, consider making it a staycation with your crew. Look for summer deals and coupons to your region’s top attractions and museums. Schedule fun day trips with your family to take advantage of warmer weather and the longer days. Sometimes, you can even try out the local hotels and resorts in your area for a much cheaper resident rate.

You can make this summer a memorable one if your large family is a little more creative with budget-friendly vacations. Bond more with each other, and make even more memories without spending too much.


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