Are You Caged, Comfortable or Charged?

“Are You Caged, Comfortable or Charged?”

Today’s post is all about living a Charged Life. Every once in a while you read a book that completely changes how you think about your life. I would definitely say I have found that book. I’m talking about Brendon Burchard’s new best-selling book, The Charge.

So what is The Charged Life, you may ask? To fully understand The Charged Life, it is beneficial to look at The Caged and The Comfortable Life for comparison.

The following definitions are directly out of The Charged Life book.

The Caged Life

People live their lives caged either in the past or in the expectations of others. Their identities are trapped in a tight box of beliefs about what is possible for them. They live a restricted life.

The Comfortable Life

Not as dire as the caged life. Through work, dedication, and fortunate circumstances many of us live what Brendon says is a “comfortable” life. We have houses, spouses, cars and kids. We feel engaged and thankful for our lives. We know we’ve made some trade-offs, a little less adventure here, a few more hours at the office there. All is okay. And then one day, someone asks about your life, and you are surprised to hear yourself reply, “Oh, things are… you know… fine?”

You ask yourself, “Is this what I really wanted? Is this all there is? Have I made too many trade offs? Am I living my life or someone else’s?”

The Charged Life

The one living the caged life asks, “Will I survive”?”

The one living the comfortable life asks, “Will I be accepted and succeed?

The person living the charged life asks, “Am I living my truth and actualizing my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?”

In The Charge, Brendon argues that the only way to improve the quality of your life is to learn how to activate the very 10 drives that make you most human. These 10 drives are your desires for more control, competence, congruence, caring, connection, change, challenge, creative expression, contribution, and consciousness.

and yes, they all begin with C. How convenient.

Figuring out these drives are not easy and can often be hard to comprehend. However, in this book, it seems that Brendon has rounded up what he shares with us as true “activators” of human experience. This is a series of actions that you can take to increase your levels of energy, engagement and fulfillment in not just one area but in all areas of your life.

What I found to be most inspiring by this book was the fact that it not only challenges you, it makes you want to change your way of thinking. This book will help live your life to the fullest and allow you the opportunity to put more life in your lives.

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