Back To School Checklist (and printable)

“Back To School Checklist (and printable)”

School is now in session and as a first-time, full-time “school mom”, I made sure I was fully prepared. Checklists, schedules, preparation… it was all underway before my child walked out the door on her first day of school.

I made sure I had a checklist that I could also write reminders on. Lunch ideas were tricky for me because my daughter is a picky eater. I knew that I could guarantee that she would eat most of her food at home during dinner but what was I to do when it came time for lunch and I wasn’t there saying…. “don’t eat the cookies first!”

The first day, she came home and actually told us that she ate the cookies first… stinker.

My checklist (which I actually printed from my phone to my HP ePrinter (love that thing!) is handy because I’m able to change it up every week. If she doesn’t need supplies, I turn it into a shopping list of things I need for lunches, etc.

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Click here for a blank printable list like the one I used above:

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