Back To School Tips & Essentials

“Back To School Tips & Essentials”

Here are some tips and tricks for managing your household during the busy school year:

We live in an electronically driven society where many kids as young as 13 have their own cellphone or laptop. While I keep telling my daughter to wait until high school, I do know that many kids will be using a computer when it comes time for school to start. It is very important to know how to protect your electronics and make sure that you are saving your data properly…. especially when writing a report!

Here are some great back-to-school tips that will help your kids not only manage their data, we are also sharing tips on how to manage your household during the school year as well as protecting your electronics:

If your kids walk to and from school, protect those electronics!
From walking in the rain to tripping and falling, even the smallest accidents can be detrimental to your kid’s phone or electronic device. Make sure that your child uses a backpack or messenger to carry his electronics to and from school. If it’s raining outside, put your child’s technology in a Ziploc bag to keep it dry.

Plan your meals ahead of time.
Make your weekly menu on the weekend and get your grocery shopping done before Monday starts. By having everything you need to start the week, you will be all set to create those quick & easy meals you’ve been wanting to make.

Plan out your week using an online calendar.
We highly recommend Google Calendar but any calendar will do. If you have important events, meetings or maybe the kids are out of school, keep track of it by using an online calendar that can easily sync to all devices!

Working from home? Keep those electronics off the floor!
If your computer hardware is stored near the ground of your location, be sure to move them away from the floor to protect them from possible water damage or being overlooked and stepped on. It’s easy to neglect electronics stored in your book bag that you’ve left lying on the floor. Take a moment, and safely store your personal belongings off the ground.

Spent Hours On That Assignment? Transfer Your Files From Your Portable Device
Always transfer or sync your data to a computer on backup drives as soon as possible. We recommend doing this regularly throughout your trip. It’s also important that you never delete images or reformat your digital camera’s memory card while it is still in the camera. Always verify that your photos have been transferred and verified before erasing and reusing a camera card.

Don’t Wait Until You’ve Lost Your Term Paper! Backup Your Data Now
Sometimes it’s inevitable that your portable electronic devices will be damaged. Always back up your data and back up often! This will prevent data loss even if the device itself is destroyed.

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