Hey Parents, Here’s Why Bandalou Is The Only Site That Matters

“Hey Parents, Here’s Why Bandalou Is The Only Site That Matters”

Let me break it down for you, having a kid is expensive. Not just a little bit expensive, but SUPER expensive. Every little bit helps and that’s why I’m excited to tell you about Bandalou. Trust me, this one is going to be a game-changer for parents around the world. But first, let me explain how the site works and what it is exactly.

Tons of people buy their baby products from places like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby or Target all the time but they’re charged the same price regardless of how many people buy the same products. However, Bandalou lets parents post their favorite brands and products on their site – kinda like pinterest – except Bandalou pools all those people together into a social buying group. Now everyone gets that there is strength in numbers, so Bandalou rewards the entire group by passing on savings that come from buying together in the form of Bandalou Bucks. It’s a genius idea really.

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You know when you see a product circulating on the internet or on Pinterest, it’s labeled as a MUST-HAVE and everyone wants it… well, no matter how many people want it online, chances are, the price will remain the same no matter where they buy it from…and now there’s a game changer. Because Bandalou uses the power of moms and simply takes that activity to the next level to give shoppers the same sense of excitement about buying and they reward loyal social customers with credits called Bandalou Bucks.

The great thing about Bandalou is that they feature many of your favorite brands. Here are just a few that you are familiar with:

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Bandalou is the only website that lets parents shop together, socialize, share information, and help each other make purchases. The website is designed to be incredibly social – you can actually see who’s in your group, where they’re from, what else they’re crowdsourcing (like you’ll need an adapter for a stroller and car seat) and message other parents. To message someone in your group, just join the group and then double click on their avatar – here’s an example:

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To see all the discussions about a product, land on any product page and you’ll see the Discussions section like this one here:

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To see what others in your group are crowdsourcing, scroll to the bottom of the product page and you’ll see something like this:

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Totally makes sense. You can easily invite and post to facebook on any product page! That’s how I boost my crowdsource numbers because the more I share, the more people join my crowdsource, the better the savings for everyone.

Bandalou also has a great registry program and they’ve engaged with celebrity pediatrician, Dr. JJ Levenstein to review products on her site.

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When it comes to being a parent, everything counts. No parent ever wants to sacrifice the best products and brands for savings and now we won’t have to. One Bandalou Buck = one dollar. It adds up. Just check out their Trending Now page to see all the active crowdsourced products.

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But Bandalou isn’t just about savings because they create more than just value from banding parents together. Bandalou actually helps to connect parents with each other. By connecting moms and dads, experienced parents or parents who love doing their baby research (you know who you are!!) can help other parents with their buying decisions for baby. Because the groups are 100% chosen by other parents, it’s like getting a BIG recommendation from a group of parents. Now how cool is that?

Layer in the savings and it’s like having your cake with a cherry on top AND getting to eat it and share it with your friends too. If you and I are in a group together, I’d totally want to check out what else you’re crowdsourcing. Bandalou makes it really easy connect with parents so we can buy together again and again and all save.

With products like cribs, car seats, strollers, books, toys, and much much more, Bandalou has everything you could need to prepare for baby, find other parents just like you and save. Now you can buy the very best and have fun socializing and meeting other parents at the same time. Parents, community, savings in a way you can’t get anywhere else – that’s why this is the only site that will matter from now on.

You can visit Bandalou‘s website or you can follow them on social media here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.


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