Beautiful Candle Centerpiece Ideas for Perfect Table Decoration

“Beautiful Candle Centerpiece Ideas for Perfect Table Decoration”

Candles are a simple and elegant way to decorate your home. One of the most versatile way to use candles is in table centerpieces. Centerpieces are perfect for holidays, but are also a beautiful way to make every day special. As well as using them on your dining table, centerpieces also look great on your coffee table, mantelpiece, and hall tables.

Inexpensive and available nearly everywhere, candles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any décor and style. Their soft glowing light also brings a beautiful warmth to a home, as well as a little romance.

One of the more unique ways to use candles in your centerpiece is in a water display. Did you know that you can buy floating candles? Simply fill a wide-mouth vase or glass bowl with water and add some of your favorite flowers. Blooms such as gerberas or sunflowers that will float when cut short are a good choice. Add your floating candles and you have a beautiful display in less than five minutes.

Candles can also be used as a centerpiece without needing anything else, even a candle holder. Gather together candles that follow a particular theme, such as shape or size, but also have something different, such as height or diameter. Then simply cluster them together in the center of your table. Odd numbers work best, and the effect can be quite striking.

As well as using individual larger candles, scented candles, clustering smaller or tea light candles can also have a magical effect. Consider placing multiple tea lights along a table runner. You can also place flowers, fruits, or other seasonal items between each candle. Tea light candles can also be laid out in a shape, such as a heart, perfect for a special dinner or celebration.

When planning a centerpiece, don’t forget to look in your garden and nature for some seasonal inspiration. You can make an inexpensive and beautiful centerpiece by using what’s available in nature. Use a large vase or bowl and fill the bottom with sand, river stones, grapevine wreath lengths, small pinecones, pumpkins, anything you can think of to represent the season. Then, place a candle in the center of your vase and surround it with smaller items, such as acorns, dried or fresh seasonal fruit, flower blooms, or even colored stones and other home decoration accessories.

Look around your home for unique ways to display your candles to make a unique display. Upturned glasses look great, particularly with a seasonal flower or other item placed underneath. Old glass jars and metal tins, plain or decorated also make for a gorgeous display.


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