Beauty Tips to Avoid Allergy Face

“Beauty Tips to Avoid Allergy Face”

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Allergies aren't cute and it wasn't until this past year that I realized certain types of trees and their blooms make me sick beyond belief! I'm talking an upper respiratory infection and all that. It's awful! But let me backtrack and tell you how I discovered this severe allergy and from what.

Spring in Florida is beautiful. The trees are blooming, the rain is falling and everything seems to be pretty and green. However, there are certain trees here that bloom during this time and they make EVERYONE sick. It's a certain type of oak tree. If you walk into a store with this type of oak tree near by, you will see people sneezing and holding tissues to their noses. I didn't always understand why I kept getting sick and rocking that Allergy Face everytime spring hit but when I finally went to the doctor, he told me exactly what was making me sick and he was so right.

Women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products to hide blemishes that are aggravated by their allergies. When women are dealing with allergies, they tend to overcompensate with makeup, says Shalini Vadhera, celebrity makeup artist and author of Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess.

"What they don't understand is usually when they're having allergies, their skin tends to get drier from taking antihistamines so the makeup actually looks more pronounced," she says. "That's why you should go with a little bit less and just use it in key areas versus packing it on."
"I am big proponent of 'less is more,'" says Vadhera. "My philosophy is to enhance what you already have and make you look more beautiful than trying to change with a lot of makeup."

Check out these makeup tips:
You need just a few key things in your makeup bag to look flawless at all times.
Every woman should have a silicone-based primer, which fills in your fine lines and pores. 
Keep a bronzer on hand that has brown rather than red undertones. A bronzer is great to use as a contour or as a blush to chisel the face and take away the appearance of puffiness.
A good bronzer can even make you look refreshed when you have allergies. 
For trouble spots, makeup artists like to apply a green corrector that you can pick up at the drugstore. Green cancels red. It's one of their tricks.
Carry a touchup bag with you during the day. When you make facial expressions, makeup moves. You laugh or cry as you go through your day and what you put on at 9 a.m. isn't usually there at 9 p.m.


However…. there's a simple solution to that Allergy Face….


Zyrtec makes me feel better when I'm suffering… or when that stupid tree is blooming! What do you do to combat allergies? Check out Zyrtec on Facebook and share your allergy tips!


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