Bedtime Reading Fun

“Bedtime Reading Fun”

Scholastic and EVEREADY® have teamed up to help us parents shine a little light on reading. With the school year back in full swing my daughter has been making friends left and right. She has asked if it’s okay to share her phone number with some of the kids in the class in hopes that they can get together outside of school. Of course that’s fine and we look forward to meeting the children that we hear about after school.

I remember how her eyes lit up when the phone rang and she found out it was for her. It was her closest friend from school and they spent much of the afternoon chatting about almost everything. These phone calls went on for a few weeks and my daughter asked if it would be okay if her friend came over for a sleepover. Of course it was fine. I ended up talking with a child’s mother and we really hit it off. I told her of our plans for a sleepover and she to thought it would be a great idea.

Now that the sleepover was set in motion we needed to make sure that they had the best ever pajama party. Kids these days are supersmart and need a great deal of entertainment so we had a lot planned for them. Reading, forts, flashlights, music, food and a whole lot of giggling and laughing. EVEREADY® and Scholastic are working together to help bring downloadable party toolkits with a do it yourself activity guide. Not only is this going to be a lot of fun for the girls, but for me as well.

Scholastic and EVEREADY® have paired up to help parent shine a light on reading, even in the dark! EVEREADY®’s high-quality batteries and flashlights are reliable and affordable and can be purchased at Dollar General or target. I can’t think of anything more fun than these girls reading to each other inside of a fort with flashlights. Well maybe the s’mores we are going to make afterwards, but only by a little.

There are tons of fun and exciting resources available on scholastic.com/readingunderthecovers and take some time to visit the site. Check out the materials, participate in the book offer eveready.com/reader and host your own pajama jam reading party. From simple activities like a printable bookmark, to creating the cover art for a book you would like to read and so much more there is something exciting for everyone. In my house we like to have a lot of fun, but we also like to make a learning a whole lot of fun. Now where did I put those marshmallows? I might just have to sneak one while the girls are reading in their tent.

Scholastic and EVEREADY® are teaming up to help parents shine a light on reading, even in the dark! EVEREADY®’s high quality batteries and flashlights are reliable and affordable and can be purchased at Dollar General or Target. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of EVEREADY®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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