Behind The Scenes with Firehouse Subs: More Than Meets The Eye

“Behind The Scenes with Firehouse Subs: More Than Meets The Eye”

This post is written by my father. He did an amazing job of representing Modern Day Moms & Modern Day Dads in Montana for this trip. If I could have created a perfect experience for him myself, it would have probably included everything he did this particular weekend in May. Take it away, dad!


Last month, I had the privilege of being able to spend some time with Robin Sorensen & the Firehouse Subs Team at Bell Cross Ranch in Cascade, Montana.

Robin is the co-founder of Firehouse Subs, along with his brother Chris. Founded in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida by former firefighter brothers Robin and Chris Sorensen, Firehouse Subs is known for serving delicious sandwiches with meats and cheeses, “steamed” hot and placed on a toasted sub roll. Locations offer a family-oriented atmosphere, with a firefighter theme that includes fire equipment throughout the store and a menu that features sandwiches with themed names and a menu that features sandwiches with themed names, such as Hook & Ladder, Capt. Sorensen’s, Engineer, and Firehouse Meatball Sub.

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As part of a select group, we got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Firehouse Subs co-founder Robin Sorensen’s generous hospitality as he treated us to gourmet campfire grilling under Big Sky stars, horseback discovery tours and mounted shooting, breathtaking hikes though Montana’s majestic mountains, Coca-Cola Freestyle happy hour mixology lesson, and a tomahawk throwing competition. Just to name a few things.

In the midst of all that, we had the chance to go to the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office to witness the generous donation of a rescue boat from Firehouse Subs.

Robin brought to life an amazing food and entrepreneurial experience, and gave us an exclusive tour at the new Hearty & Flavorful menu.

We did all this in only two days.














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I also had the privilege of meeting Robin’s father, Rob. He is known as the Captain, a wonderful man who is a retired Fire Department captain of 42 years. Rob also serves as Firehouse Subs Chaplain.

When you meet the people behind Firehouse Subs, you will instantly feel like family.

Amazed to find out that Firehouse Subs has a full time Chaplain that will go anywhere to help an employee in need. That should tell you something about the commitment to their employees.

Firehouse Subs do more than just feed you. They also give back to the community and that is an important part of what they do and their mission. In 2005, they created The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization with support and funding for local firefighters. We got to witness this first hand on our trip.

As of December 2013, there are over 760+ restaurant locations in 41 states and Puerto Rico. “We’re constantly expanding. I think a few of them opened up while you were on your way here.” Robin said.

I would definitely consider Firehouse Subs to be an off-the-charts fantastic company — in 2005, the guys (founders Robin and Chris) and the rest of the executive team loaded up a huge van with food and started driving until they hit an area devastated by Katrina. The video can be seen on their YouTube page (note: tears may follow). To date, they’ve donated  $9 million in 40 states and Puerto Rico, more than 720 grants total to 275 communities to fire departments, police stations and EMTs.

The Firehouse Subs co-founders were featured on CNBC’s “How I Made My Millions.” The story of how it all came about is wonderful. * Original air date: 7/25/2011


When I say there is more to this company than meets the eye, I mean it. The work of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was featured on Anderson Cooper 360° (see below) as part of the series Building Up America, which focuses on success, risk-taking and glimmers of hope during tough times.

Reporter David Mattingly told the Foundation story likes it’s never been told. Firehouse Subs Founders Chris & Robin Sorensen met face-to- face with a father who was brought back to life by a ZOLL AutoPulse, which the Foundation donated to the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.) last year.


We made many new friends during our visit to the Big Sky Country. Thank you to everyone who played a part, we will never forget this experience.

Find Firehouse Subs on Facebook, Twitter & Website. Learn more about The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.


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